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8 Holiday Party Ideas Your Team Will Love

Over the years, companies have become more and more aware of how important company holiday parties are. No longer are they an awkward gathering of colleges over (bad) fruitcake. Today's holiday parties are about building company culture, boosting morale, and showing appreciation to your employees for all their hard work.

Since each team is complex, it can be difficult to decide on what to do for your company's holiday party. Here are 8 holiday party ideas your team will love.

1. Trivia- Whether you decide to make it an individual competition or team activity, trivia is always a win! Consider adding fun trivia on the employees and company, in addition to themed trivia, to help your team members get to know each other as well.

2. Award Night- Since company holiday parties are all about showing appreciation to your employees, consider having an awards night. You can really commit to the theme by planning an Oscar-like gala or keep it small and intimate for a smaller team.

Los Angeles Company Holiday Party

3. Retro arcade games- Holidays bring around that nostalgic feeling that we all love, and old-school video games can do the same thing. Contact us here for more information on this holiday activation!

4. Casino Night- Hosting a casino night with your team is always a hit! Select all your favorite casino games for a fun Monte-Carlo themed event.

Los Angeles Company Holiday Party

5. Escape Room- If your employees love to solve puzzles and work together as a team, then consider switching a tradition holiday party for an escape room activity.

6. Holi- DAY- The holidays can be stressful, and there is a lot to get done on the weekends or the few hours after work. To execute this idea, surprise your team with a nice breakfast at the office and then give them PTO for the rest of the day. They can spend it relaxing, spending time with family, or getting last minute errands done.

Los Angeles Company Holiday Party

7. Limo tour of holiday lights- For teams that are smaller (10 people or less), take a tour of the holiday lights in a limo. You can stock it full of everyone's favorite holiday treats and stop for a team picture outside your favorite display.

8. Themed party- For the companies that are having a large holiday party, consider opting for a fun themed event. Check out some of the best theme ideas with our free download below!

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