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8 Questions You Need To Ask Your AV Team

Choosing an AV team for your event is not as easy of a decision as it may originally appear. The professionals that you choose are the key to how efficient, smooth, and successful all of the elements of your event run, and also play an instrumental role in the overall process of planning the event. Not to fear, if you are looking for an AV team to successfully orchestrate all aspects of your event, here are some key questions to ask them:

1. Have you worked at my venue?

It is important that the AV team you select has worked at or is familiar with your venue. This will lead to a smoother event because they know the staff, any rules the venue has, as well as any potential issues that need to be addressed (such as needing an additional power generator in order to accomplish your end goal). If they have not worked at the venue, then make sure that their team conducts a thorough site inspection to cover all of the bases and familiarize themselves with the space well before the event.

2. What are some examples of challenges that you have faced at an event?

While event companies can do everything in their power to prepare for the event, that does not always ensure that challenges will not arise. The important thing in an AV team is their ability to recognize that challenge and handle it appropriately so that it does not effect the event. Which leads us to the next question...

3. What did you do to solve them?

Problem solving comes with the territory when you choose to be a part of the event business. But as they say, the show must go on! Knowing how an AV team handled past challenges and that they will do anything and everything to ensure that you have the best event possible is a must.

4. What can your team do to make my event better than the last?

Remember: you are hiring the AV team for more than just the "stuff." You are hiring them for their professionalism, creativity, and what they can do to help make your event visions a reality. The team that you choose for your event should bring to the table ideas that can work for your event and be ready to collaborate to create the best event possible.

5. Can you offer some ideas or suggestions for achieving the experience I’m going for within my budget?

Back to the problem solving, your AV team should be able to provide you with ideas and solutions on how to create the event that you are envisioning. Do not hesitate to let your budget be known and see what the AV team can create with the amount that they have been given. Even if the original proposal is a bit out of your price range, adjustments can be made if the AV team is prepared to use their experience to create solutions for you and your event.

6. Are there any additional fees I should know about - such as delivery, setup, breakdown, or overtime charges?

Delivery, set up, breakdown, and overtime charges are often separate from the standard pricing that is provided. Make sure that you establish all additional fees before you sign the contract so that there are no unexpected surprises when you receive the invoice.

7. How many events does your company do each year?

The amount of events that the company creates and collaborates on is added confidence in not only their expertise, but it also speaks to their experience and how successful their team is. It can also effect their availability as well as how many other events they will be producing on the same day as yours.

8. Which staff will work my event and what is their experience?

It is important to remember that the event rep that you meet with may not be the same person that is working your event. Inquire about their staff, their experience, and what ongoing training they receive to ensure that your event is in the hands of trusted professionals.

Meet The J&M Team!

We would love to meet with you, discuss all of your event visions, and collaborate on making them a reality. Afterall, our motto is that we are here with creative ideas and solutions for all of your event needs. Contact us today with any questions that you have, or even if you just want some free advice! Here at J&M Events, we are proud to be your greatest event resource.

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