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How to set up your keynote speaker for success

When your keynote speaker is the main draw of your event, it is important that you as an event professional are able to set them up for success. Here are 4 tips for setting up your keynote speaker for success.

Tip #1: Find out which microphone is best for their presentation- Consider utilizing different microphones for their specific presentation, style, and content. You will also want to make sure that you have handheld microphones for any audience Q&A.

Tip #2: Utilize a confidence monitor- A confidence monitor is an additional screen that is placed in front of the stage for the presenter to reference. This avoids the speaker having to turn their back to the audience in order to reference their material, find out which slide they are on, and read any important information.

Tip #3: Confirm all tech details- In addition to confirming whether or not they have a power point, make sure to confirm other crucial details. For example, which laptop are they using? Where is their content being stored? What is the aspect ratio of their presentation?

Tip #4: Share audience information with the keynote speaker- Set up your keynote speaker for success by giving them information about their audience. Everything from number of attendees and demographics to careers and what they are hoping to get out of the presentation can be useful.

To get more information about setting your keynote speaker up for success, listen to the full episode on the Event Masters Podcast here.

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