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5 Unique Company Picnic Themes

60% of companies are hosting company picnics again.

That's right! According to the Society for Human Resource Management, company picnics are back and better than ever. Long gone are the days of staff-only, boring picnics. (Let's face it, those are just glorified mandatory staff meetings outside). Instead, companies are planning family inclusive, out-of-the-box picnics to boost morale and increase productivity.

Now it's time to get into the picnic spirit with these 5 amazing themes!

And if you're looking for other ways to show appreciation, we've got you covered here.


There are few things more classic than a carnival theme. Not only is it fun for the whole family, but there is a lot of flexibility to create an experience your staff will enjoy. If the majority of your office has kids, then you may want to consider activities like face-painting and a dunk tank. If your attendees will be mostly adults, you can bring in nostalgic food favorites re-imagined for adults. (Think gourmet hot dogs, specialty desserts, and adult beverages).

FALL THEME: Harvest festival

Let's face it, sometimes in California holding a summer picnic can result in your attendees melting away in 110 degree weather. So why not host it in September and October? Swap out benches for hay bales, sunflowers for pumpkins, and cold beer for warm cider.

CLASSY THEME: Garden party

If you have a crowd that is interested in something less casual, then opt for a garden party. You can set up tea and wine tasting stations, an upscale dress code, and play games like croquet.

ACTIVITY THEME: Treasure hunt

For the crowd that likes to be active, consider planning a treasure hunt. You can create a plan around the objective that you want to accomplish. For example, if you want your attendees to network and meet new people in the company, then create an agenda around that.

FOOD THEME: Chili cook off

If your team is all about the food, then host a chili cook off for your company picnic. You can break your staff into teams or have them individually compete for a fun-filled day of bonding over food.

We hope these themes help you on the road to planning your upcoming company picnic. For help with the production side of the event, contact us today here!

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