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Don't gamble with the success of your fundraiser

Quick story time... About 10 years ago, we were offered the opportunity to work alongside a prestigious organization for their annual fundraiser as their Audio/Visual provider. The donations from this event would fund their incredible mission, and it is safe to say that we were absolutely honored to collaborate on this event. Flash forward to the night of the event- it was BEAUTIFUL. The Monte Carlo theme was a hit, the weather was incredible, the food tasted amazing, the lighting looked impeccable (if we do say so ourselves), and everyone was having a great time mingling with one another. There was just one problem- the casino tables were empty. The casino games that were set up to incentivize guests to donate sat completely empty. And after a few hours, it was not hard to see why. The casino company they hired where stiff. They knew how to play the games, but they had no personality or investment in the goal of the organization. At that moment we had one thought- our clients deserve better. So we created CASINOTAINMENT- a casino team that is built on fun personalities and knowledge of the games. Our team is dedicated to providing an unparalled experience that engages all of your guests in an unforgettable way. We would love to hear about any challenges you are having with your events and how we can help. For more information on CASINOTAINMENT for your upcoming holiday party, contact us today!

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