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3 clever tips for planning your company holiday party in Los Angeles

company holiday party in Los Angeles

Planning your company's holiday party can be a major source of stress. Coordinating invites, booking vendors, and managing the RSVP list on top of your regular responsibilities can often lead to nothing but a headache. Today we are pulling back the curtain and letting you in on some industry secrets to help you plan the best holiday party yet. Here are 3 clever tips for planning your company holiday party in Los Angeles.

1. Have a vision before you start planning- You would be surprised how often this step is forgotten or overlooked. Before you start planning details and booking vendors, it is important to have a solid, agreed upon vision. For example, is this holiday party going to be inclusive of all the employees and their families? Is it an adults-only night for the employee and one guest? Or is it going to be a different holiday party within each department? Having a clear, agreed upon vision before you start planning will give you a blueprint to follow along the way.

2. Book your A/V around the same time as your venue- We are going to let you in on a big industry secret: your A/V team can help save you A LOT of money when it comes to your venue. Many venues are required to push their in house A/V, but rarely is it the most cost effective option. Start researching outside A/V companies before signing your contact with the venue to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

3. The "top 3" hack- Whether you have a large or small budget, it can be hard to navigate exactly how to distribute it. Especially since every vendor seems just as important as the next. However, that is where the "top 3" hack comes in. All you have to do is envision your perfect holiday party and what are the things you would want people to say after the event. If you want your guests to say it was the most fun holiday party yet and that the food was delicious, then you will want to allocate a good chunk of your budget to entertainment and catering. On the other hand, if you want them to be blown away by the decor and leave feeling recognized, then you would want to budget for a killer design and some awards for your team. Each holiday party is different, so don't feel pressured to spend all of your budget on items that won't give you the holiday party of your dreams.

We hope these 3 clever tips for planning your company holiday party in Los Angeles were helpful. For more help on planning your company holiday party, download our free holiday party planning checklist!

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