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Tips: Increasing Event Sponsorship

Give Your Sponsors More "Air Time"

Your organization's success relies heavily on the continued support from your Sponsors. Maintaining the sponsors currently on your list and bringing in new sponsors is what our clients have mentioned as the most stressful part in planning a fundraising event. So how do you keep your sponsors contributing year after year while increasing their contribution amounts and gaining new sponsors?

  • "You Get What You Pay For" : Sponsors donate to your organization because they believe in your cause. But the amount they donate will be in direct proportion to their ROI (return on investment). If all they are getting is an Ad space in your event journal and an 8 second mention during dinner, then they may not be motivated to increase their contribution amounts. Give them more "Air Time"! Let their logos be seen throughout the event (on the screens, on the wall, in your marketing campaigns. The more Air Time they get the more value they will place into their sponsorship donations.

  • Friendly Competition: Don't under estimate the power of competition. Many organizations will join an association, invest advertising dollars and support fundraising events simply because they saw a competitor doing it. Companies don't want to let their competitors have exclusivity. The more you visually promote your sponsors, the higher probability you will gain new ones!

A professional, well designed sponsor loop will be eye catching to your attendees and draw their attention. Here is a sample of an event sponsor loop we did for one of our clients.

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