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4 Ways To Reduce Audio/Visual Costs At Your Next Event

4 ways to cut Audio/Visual costs at your next event

Over the years, experiences like being charged $60 for a power strip has caused event professionals to view Audio/Visual solutions as costly.

However, with the right information, you can reduce your Audio/Visual costs without sacrificing the quality of your event. Here are 4 ways to reduce your Audio/Visual costs at your next event.

1. Opting out of the in-house A/V option (especially if there isn't a buy out fee)

2. Being wise about WiFi (usage & cost)

3. Using one company for all of your A/V rentals (this can literally save you $1,000's)

4. Using battery powered lights (which controls power usage costs)

These are just 4 of the many ways that you can reduce Audio/Visual costs at your next event. For more information on getting the best Audio/Visual price for your next event, contact us at 310-275-6995 or

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