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6 ways to increase your work/life balance without sacrificing success

You know the phone call we are talking about. The one where you have to call your loved ones to let them know that you will be missing out on yet another dinner, date night, or birthday celebration because you have so much to do at the office for your next event. As an event planner, it can seem near impossible to master the perfect work/life balance. In fact, 1 Million For Work Flexibility delved into why that is. This is what they found: "Since this career does not have time-constraint boundaries, the core problem is rooted in the lack of control and overwork of employees. The event management field is not conducive to generating a healthy work-life balance..." Sound a little too familiar? Here are the 6 steps to improving your work/life balance.

#1: Take advantage of the downtime- Whenever your event "season" slows down, make sure to take advantage of that time instead of being a busy bee doing things that fall to the sidelines throughout the year. Taking that time to travel, spend time with loved ones, or just relax during your days off will help you not get burned out during the rest of the year.

#2: Stick to your schedule- Trust us, we know this is easier said than done. However, creating a realistic weekly schedule that includes downtime will help you visualize your work/life balance and where improvements can be made. Make sure that you are also accountable to the schedule you make and follow through on the downtime!

#3: Prioritize yourself- If you have been keeping up with our weekly emails or social media, then you are already familiar with the negative side effects stressful days and sleepless nights have on your body. Prioritizing you and your health is of the utmost importance to ensure that you have LIFE in that work/life balance.

#4: Don't eat at your desk- Or while you are walking into work or during your commute. Take the time to eat a full, healthy breakfast before you head to work, take advantage of lunch outside the office (even if its just for 20 minutes), and take the time to enjoy your dinner away from your desk.

#5: Completely unplug- That means that when you turn on your out of office reply, you don't secretly check your email every hour. That you put your phone in the other room when you sit down to watch a movie with your family. You might even be surprised how smoothly things go even when you unplug for a few hours!

#6: Make time for 1 activity you love- Whether you have been spending your spare time looking up sky-diving classes or pottery lessons, make time in your schedule for one activity that you love or have been wanting to try. Not only will it help with stress-relief by scheduling time for something you love, but it will keep you from burning out.

We hope you find these 6 steps to improving your work/life balance helpful! For more information on how we can help you improve your work/life balance by partnering with us, contact us today at 661-257-1725.

"I knew that we were in the top 10 along with police officers, the military and firefighters. I think this is the first time I have seen us in the top 5. Thanks to J&M Events for always having my back at events, no matter what the challenge is, you always come through for me." - Jennifer M. "Jorge, I can't thank you enough for being my partner on this event! I heard nothing but praises on how we shined last night! Without you, this clearly would not have had the outcome which we achieved - THE BEST INSTALLATION EVER!" - Tiffany M.

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