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BizBash LA 2017- Behind The Scenes Of Why This Conference So Successful

BizBash is known nationwide for being the best resource for all things events. Their educational workshops, impressive exhibitor floor, and noteworthy networking events are just a few of the attractions that draw event professionals from all over the country. The reputation that they hold and the experience that they create for their guests are not just luck either. Here are some of ways that the conference continues its prestigious legacy:

Noteworthy Speakers- Bruce Henderson, the Chief Creative Director of Jack Morton (the leading global brand experience agency), was just one of the reputable speakers that joined BizBash LA 2017. Continually inviting quality speakers who inspire and motivate attendees is crucial to the success of this conference.

Happy Sponsors- At BizBash LA, sponsors shared a message at the workshops, exhibited on the showroom floor, and were involved in the Lounge & Learn sessions. It is no secret that sponsors are influential in the event's success, so making sure that they are in the spotlight is key to making them just as successful.

Share-worthy attractions- At every event, BizBash has guests interacting with attractions from their event that entices attendees to share their experience on social media. Not only does this generate buzz about the event, but it also markets the event as an experience that is so much more than the conference itself.

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what makes BizBash such a successful and reputable conference. If you would like ideas on how to make your next conference, gala, award show, or meeting even more successful, or would just like some free advice, contact us today!

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