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The Power of a Holiday Party Planner

Quick holiday party story time...

When we first met one of our awesome holiday party clients, a small consulting company, we knew right away how fun they were going to be to work with. They had an incredible vision of a winter wonderland event- complete with floor to ceiling drapery, a spectacular lighting display, and a beautiful wintery tablescape for their 30 guests. Now we know what you might be thinking- with only 30 guests what could go wrong? However, there are complications that come with any event, specifically when managing different companies for each service since they are all on their own timeline. In this case, here are a few of the issues that came up: 1. The drapery company they hired was not fully invested into the details of the event. They simply hung the drapery, without folding it properly so the frays and edges didn't stick out. 2. The rental company they hired did not bring enough white linen for the large tablescape and the only back up ones they had didn't match.

3. Guests were being added last minute, which meant there was a need for additional tables and chairs that originally were not accounted for. The best part? The client did not have to stress about any of it. Our coordinator, Lorena, put on her superhero cape and sprung into action. She folded each piece of drapery to create the seamless winter wonderland theme the client was looking for. She also quickly organized more linens to be brought in from the venue so the table decor did not look thrown together and sloppy. She knew how to calmly and effectively anticipate any issues and extinguish any fires. And THAT is the power of a holiday party planner. If you want your holiday party to be organized and seamless, regardless of what unpredictable obstacles show up, then you want one of our planners. For more information on our planners and how they can help you, contact us today!

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