5 reasons NOT to use the in-house A/V

We get it. Planning audio visual rentals for your event is probably not what drew you to your current position. (Don't worry, you won't hurt our feelings if you agree). To be honest, it is a pretty common feeling because the technical side of the industry can be intimidating, so choosing the in-house A/V company may seem like the most logical choice for your next event. However, we are here to respectfully tell you why that is not the case with the top 5 reasons you should be using your own A/V team.

Benefit #1: Cost Effective- Who doesn't want to stay within budget and deliver a successful event? As your own A/V company, we have the flexibility to work within your budget and avoid charging you the extra "convenience" fee that is tacked onto many in-house A/V providers. (Seriously, how is it convenient to pay $60 for a power strip?).

Benefit #2: Around The Clock Tech Support- Honestly, every A/V team out there is going to have the same "stuff" (i.e. mics, speakers, podiums), but what makes having us as your own audio visual rentals team different is that we deliver more than the equipment. We focus on the experience, the technical support that is needed, and always being one phone call away to answer any technical questions you have.

Benefit #3: Trusted Team- With your own A/V team, your event experience will be consistent whether you are doing a large gala at the Biltmore or a small meeting in your office. This streamlines the planning process by not having to re-invent the wheel for each event, and taking away the stress because we are your A/V partner, not just another vendor.

Benefit #4: Success Driven- When you have your own A/V team, they are dedicated to the success of both you and your client. As your A/V partner, we only measure our success by your success, unlike the in-house A/V teams who are often only thinking of the people at corporate who sign their contract. Wouldn't you rather have a team that is truly invested in your success? (We sure would!)

Benefit #5: Proven Partner- Instead of heading into your event with uncertainty around the team that you are going to be working with, have the confidence of a proven partner. Success is the only option in our minds, and we believe elevating your event experience requires a partner, not just another vendor.

That all sounds pretty good, right? Well, we are not done yet.

We are so confident that we can help you on your next event that we will give you a $15 Starbucks gift card at your consultation, even if you do not end up booking us that day for your event!

Contact us today at 310-275-6995 or info@jandmevents.com for all of your audio visual rentals in Los Angeles!

Contact us today at 310-275-6995 or info@jandmevents.com for all of your audio visual rentals in Los Angeles!

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