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Event Spotlight: Treasures 2017

For nearly a century, the Central City Association has made incredible strides in improving business and economy, supporting the entertainment industry, and being an advocate for public safety and policies regarding the homeless. There work has been instrumental in the Los Angeles area, and we are truly honored to be part of their message. For over a decade we have been collaborating with the CCA team to deliver phenomenal events that recognize attendees and honorees for their inspiring work.

Their Message- CCA focuses on understanding the key issues that the region faces and how they can continue their legacy of making significant differences in the business community. The Treasures event recognizes those who have made a substantial commitment that is in alignment with their cause.

Honorees- Those recognized at the annual Treasures event are individuals who have made significant contributions to the region through donations, volunteer time, or being an advocate of the association. Those recognized at the event receive and award and share what the association means to them.

Venue- The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites has been the home of Treasures for nearly a decade now. Its iconic chandeliers and spacious room mixed with their amazing staff make it the perfect venue space for this revolutionary event.

We hope you enjoyed an inside look at the annual Treasures event with the Central City Association. If you have any questions on how we can help you with your event, or would just like some free advice, contact us today!

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