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How To Increase Event Sponsorship- 2017

With 37 years of experience being an event professional, we have had the honor of creating amazing events and working with talented meeting planners. Although we have seen some changes over the years, one thing that has stayed the same is that increasing event sponsorship is an obstacle in the way to the perfect event. Since your organization's success relies heavily on the continued support from your sponsors while also bring in new sponsors, promoting your sponsors in a unique way is as important as ever. Here are some ways to increase event sponsorship in 2017:

WIFI Sponsorship- These days business professionals (and let's face it- just people in general) are immediately unhappy and frustrated when the location that they are at does not provide WIFI. Having one of the sponsors provide WIFI for the event not only gives them a valuable increase in brand awareness, but also makes happy attendees!

Aligning Like Items With Sponsors- To make sure that the sponsor's placement reaches its full impact, place sponsors with items of the event that are similar. For example, Red Bull or SoCal Edison can have their logos placed on phone charging stations with a message to stay charged!

Video- Video is an engaging way to tap into your audience's emotions. To showcase your sponsors, think about a promotional video that delves into the impact of the organization. This will surpass getting your sponsors noticed; it will get them remembered.

Pre-Event Action- Getting the attendees engaged before the event is crucial. Whether it is a casino room for attendees to relax or a professional mixer for them to network, utilize this opportunity to showcase your sponsors with custom gobos of their logo on the walls.

Utilize Social Media- Generate some event buzz! You can create a fun and unique hashtag, promote attendees who will be at your event, hold contests leading up to the event, and show off all of the unique elements of the event, all while giving your sponsors the recognition that they deserve.

We hope these ideas for increasing event sponsorship were helpful to you and your organization. If you would like anymore free advice, contact us today! Here at J&M Events, we are honored to be your best event resource.

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