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A Fatal AV Mistake

There is nothing worse... The venue looks even better than you envisioned. You can see eyes light up as the attendees walk through the event connecting, commenting on such a beautiful evening, and soaking up the incredible experience you have worked so hard to create. The stage is set for a spectacular evening ahead... But an Audio Visual issue disrupts all of that. Maybe it was insufficient power, an issue with the power point, or a faulty mic. You can physically feel the uncomfortable silence fill the room as the AV team frantically tries to fix the issue, all while feeling each second on the clock like an hour. Its a feeling you never want to experience again, and you will do anything to avoid experiencing that moment again. It all boils down to one mistake: not getting to know your AV team. In the world of AV, there is no shortage of suppliers. And while that may initially seem like something advantageous, it is actually quite the opposite. With so many options, it can very easily become about the "stuff" and the price, instead of the experience. The best place to start? Meet their team, find out what makes them different, and read what their past clients have to say.

Check out what our clients have to say: "I LOVE J&M Events! They are fun and easy to work with and they always make me look like a genius and a rock star! They have provided full service Technical Production for me for several fundraisers and other events at high end hotels. With J&M, all I have to do is what I am at the event to do and know that EVERYTHING else is handled."

- Carrie Kish, Success Coach & Leadership Trainer "It is always a pleasure to work with Jorge and his team. They help you bring your ideas to life and if you don't have any ideas, they have tons. I can always count on rave reviews when I use J&M. They are the best in the business."

- Mellany Carver, Executive Assistant- Stratasys Direct Manufacturing We see ourselves as more than just your AV supplier, but as a partner who takes the time to understand your event and treat it as our own. If you have not already, we invite you to take advantage of a free 30 minute technical advice session. They are by appointment only and are based on availability, so make sure to schedule yours today. We are looking forward to helping you!

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