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How to plan a last minute holiday party in 5 easy steps

During July, the holidays seem too far away to plan for. However, once September hits the speed starts to pick up and before you know it you are behind the ball on planning your holiday party.

If you haven't yet started to plan and are frantically in search of where to start, we are here to help. Here is how to plan a last minute holiday party in 5 easy steps.

Los Angeles Holiday Party

1. Hire a holiday party coordinator- Starting with this step will save you many headaches along the way. A coordinator will be able to guide you through everything that needs to be done, while also giving you recommendations on options and vendors that fit your budget and style. Plus, they are great for putting out fires the day of the event. (You can read more about that here).

Los Angeles Holiday Party

2. Decide on date, time, and venue- The date, time, and venue will influence your next steps of planning. For example, the time of the event will establish whether it is a casual day time event or an elegant night out. The venue will determine if food and alcohol are already included or if you'll need to book outside caterers for that. Your venue will also be able to help you get a feel for a theme you could choose and which vendors are familiar with their space and can help you.

Los Angeles Holiday Party

3. Send out paperless invites- When you're short on time, paperless invites are the way to go. For a more formal feel, Green Envelope is a great option. For a more informal occasion, a simple Facebook event will do the trick.

Los Angeles Holiday Party

4. Book entertainment- Now that the logistics are planned, the theme is set, and the invitations have been sent out, it is time to plan all the elements that will bring your holiday party to life! Here are a few ideas that are always a hit: DJ to play Christmas music, Casino rentals with everyone's favorite games, Trivia, and old-school games, like Ms. Pacman.

Los Angeles Holiday Party

5. Plan the final details- You have the bulk of your holiday party planned. Now it is time to plan the final details that really bring everything together. For example, which centerpieces are you going to have? What is the program of the night? Are there any speeches that are going to be made? This is the time to plan out the night from start to finish and make sure all your bases are covered.

For more help on planning your last minute holiday party, contact us today to reserve your date!

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