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How to host a holiday party that your team will WANT to attend

All too often company holidays parties are synonymous with awkward silences and bland fruit cake. No wonder your employees don't want to attend! Here are 5 way to host a holiday party your employees will WANT to attend.

1. Have a little something for everyone- Each of your employees are unique. While one employee will think it's fun to dance the night away with an awesome DJ, another employee will shutter at the thought of dancing in front of people. To make sure each of your guests feel included, have a little something for everyone. Some popular ideas are a DJ, Photo Booth, games, food stations, and craft beer tastings.

2. Invest in entertainment- Think about it this way, the venue, centerpieces, and decor will not make them have a good time. Your entertainment is what is going to get them engaged and having fun. Invest in an entertainment company that specializes in icebreakers, interactive games, and having fun!

3. Give them a plus one- One of the incentives of a holiday party vs. a regular day at the office is that they get to bring someone with them. Having a special guest with them will make them look at the holiday party like an evening out instead of a mandatory work event.

4. Give out awards- After all, holiday parties are meant to reward employees for all of the hard work they have done this year. Giving awards will give your employees an extra incentive to show up and the added excitement of potentially winning some awesome prizes.

5. Pick a fun theme- Picking a theme adds an extra element of fun and excitement to the party. Plus, it gives everyone an excuse not to wear the typical office attire. Check out a list of fun themes by downloading our holiday party themes checklist!

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