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Inside The Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-Opening

White glove service, exquisite ballrooms, breath-taking gardens, impeccable food, and an incredible staff... Welcome to The Hyatt, Valencia #Revamped!

Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Ribbon Cutting

When the team from The Hyatt, Valencia came to us with their ideas for their grand re-opening party, we were immediately ready to hit the ground running. Not only are they hands down one of our favorite venues supported by a team that we love working with, but we could see their vision and excitement for this new chapter.

We spent hours collaborating on ideas for bringing their theme and vision to life, and we gotta say, we are pretty excited with the end result! Take a look.

Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Entrance

After guests walked through the newly renovated lobby and down the seamless red carpet, guests were welcome to the entrance of this futuristic themed event.

First stop- LED light-up balloons and a billowing stream of fog leading the way to their infamous gardens. Plus, who can forget the freshly poured champagne waiting for everyone as they came to the end of the hallway?

With champagne in hand, guests entered the beautifully lit terrace where the first taste of their incredible menu could be sampled.

And if you thought that is where the excitement ended, then you are in for a real treat. Next stop with the remainder of the event out on the pool deck. (Spoiler alert: there was a real mermaid in the pool!).

Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Pool Deck

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, there are a few more elements that we cannot skip. This pool deck was complete with beautiful up-lighting, textured gobos, and other production elements to enhance the mood (tooting our own horn here a bit, but what can I say, we loved this event!).

Plus, on the other side of the pool deck was an incredible display of desserts, complete with decadent macroons, delicious cupcakes, and cookies that we are still craving them to this day!

And if that wasn't enough, guests could fulfill a once in a lifetime experience and hang out with a real mermaid! Such a unique element of entertainment, and a truly genius way to incorporate their pool into the event.

We could talk about this event all day, but instead we will leave you with some more pictures of highlights from a night we will all not soon forget.

Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Team
Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Lighting
Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Event
Hyatt, Valencia Grand Re-opening Mermaid

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