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Questions AV Companies Should Be Asking YOU

We have all heard it before... "The 10 questions to ask your AV team about lighting" "Equipment questions for the non-techy savy planner" "5 warning signs to look out for when hiring an event technician" "The best ways to save money with your AV provider" But the big picture is being missed. The reality is that with one Google search you can find out all the "best" questions to ask your AV provider, but the real question is what should they be asking you?

J&M Events Services

#1. Tell us about your event A true measure of a quality AV partner is when they ask about your event (because it truly isn't just about the "stuff"). Getting to know about your event means that they are invested in collaborating on your event and making your vision come to life. #2. What is most important to you with this event? Lighting to wow? Entertainment for fun? Video production for emotion? Not all events have the same "goal" and it is important for your AV partner to know what will make this event a success. #3. What is your budget? Everyone has one, and it is important to be honest and upfront about the budget you are working with. Your AV partner should ask this, not so that they can try and up-sell you and overcharge you, but so that they can get an idea of what creative ideas and solutions can be done to make it happen within budget. Having your budget will also help when they send you the proposal so they have an idea of what they can create for you in that budget. #4. What in the past has and hasn't worked for this event? If you have done this event before, it is important to know what has and hasn't worked in order to make your event the most successful it can be. From there, you can take what you have learned and create an event to produce the desired outcome while also delivering something new and exciting. #5. What are your expectations for us as the AV partner? Are you looking for someone to just come in and set up equipment? Are you looking for a technical director to run the program? Looking for a collaborative partner who can help along the way with site tours, vendors questions, and last minute hiccups? Understanding what you are looking for in the partnership of the event will help tremendously with overall communication and expectations throughout the event. We hope these tips helped you in preparation for your next event! If you have not already, we invite you to take advantage of a free 30 minute technical advice session. They are by appointment only and are based on availability, so make sure to schedule yours today. We are looking forward to helping you!

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