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The oxygen of meetings...

But we need WIFI!

The oxygen of modern meetings... WIFI. We use it all the time and we always just assume that it is going to be there. But unfortunately, that isn't the case. Nowadays people want to always be connected, and event planners have to accommodate for that need. However, there are some important aspects to consider when coming up with creative ideas and solutions for access to WIFI for attendees. Take a look! Tip #1: Determine its purpose- The first question you want to ask when considering your WIFI solution is what is it going to be used for? For example, are you using it to stream videos from the web? For attendees to have access to their emails during the meeting? For interactives during the presentation? Or maybe for making bids and donations to the cause? Knowing its purpose is going to be helpful in determining which solution is best for your event.

J&M Events Services

Tip #2. Confirm bandwidth needs for attendees- Bandwidth is defined as "the speed at which your data travels to and from the internet." While it can all get a bit technical, the bottom line is that you want to plan for enough bandwidth so your attendees' internet doesn't get bogged down. Tip #3. Consider different options- While initially relying only on WIFI may seem like the only option, that is far from the truth. Use of hot spots or hard-wire cable solutions are a great option for both large and small events. To get more information on WIFI challenges and solutions, contact us today at 310-275-6995 or!

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