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The 4 Benefits Of Promotional Video

1. Cost Effective- Back in the old days promotional video was one of the most expensive forms of advertising. Companies would pay top dollar for their 30 second slot on television (back in 2015 one company spent a reported $4.5 million on their slot in the Super Bowl). Now times have changed, and promotional videos can be created, promoted, and shared at a fraction of the cost. Video editing software is relatively inexpensive, and it can be shared through social media, sent in an e-mail, and displayed on your website for no additional cost.

2. Brings Your Message To Life- Live testimonials, messages from your team, and footage of the impact of your organization all can be communicated to your audience in a matter of minutes. Video breathes life into your marketing and taps into the audience's emotions. No longer is it the "thing," but rather the feeling. Promotional video has proven to increase sales for that exact reason.

3. It Is What They Want- Your audience would rather watch a 2-3 minute video to get all of the information that you are conveying rather than reading 5-10 pages of plain text. You can communicate all of the information in a condensed format that will convey your message, engage the audience, and attract them to your brand.

4. Boosts SEO- Video shows up in the top 70% of search engine searches, which boosts SEO, increases traffic to your website, and improves the reach of your audience. All of these benefits will directly correlate to more effective marketing and a rise in sales.

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