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Ice, Ice, Baby- An Event Theme So Good It Will Give You Chills

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As we transition into the cooler months (which hear in SoCal means that it has dropped below 90 degrees), it is time to start thinking about all of the end of the year festivities, and the events that come along with it. Whether it be employee appreciation parties, holiday celebrations, or just an end of the year get together, put a spin on the classic Winter Wonderland theme, an instead transport your guest to the Arctic. Not only will this ice-themed extravaganza WOW all of your guests, it is also versatile, can be customized to any venue, and is simply stunning with the right team collaborating with you to pull it all together. Take a look at how this event theme becomes a breath-taking reality.

#1: Cascading Icicles

One of the most important parts of seamlessly pulling off any theme that you choose is to make sure to incorporate that it from start to finish. Cascading icicles draping the walls or decorating the entry way is an incredible and simple way to sprinkle the ice theme throughout your event.

Photo from ABC Orange County Chapter

#2: Engraved Ice Blocks Looking for a unique way to brand the event? Look no further! Engrave your company logo (or any sponsor logos) on ice, or have it carved out into an ice block. This is a guaranteed way to get the logo a lot of recognition, and also give your guests a fun photo op! (Plus, free marketing for you!).

Photos from and ABC Orange County Chapter

#3: Arctic Lounge

Create a equally as unique space for your guests to "chill," mingle, and connect with each other with a custom arctic lounge! Complete with custom ice love seats and themed pillows, these additions are ones your guests are sure to love.

Photo from ABC Orange County Chapter

#4: Impeccable Lighting Ice-y blue lighting is an immediate way to tie your entire event together. It adds a whole new level to the atmosphere and really transports your guests to something spectacular. Up-lights, Gobos, Pin Spots, and other specialty lighting are just a few of the many ways you can light up your event.

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We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to perfectly pull off one of the "coolest" event themes. For more ideas, or for some free advice, contact us today! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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