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Top 4 Reasons Your Event Needs Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes when planning an event is overlooking lighting. Often times it is perceived as the farthest thing from a priority while planning and coordinating the entertainment, guest list, sponsor involvement, and other logistics needed to successfully facilitate your event. However, lighting is one element that can completely transform the event and take it to the next level. Here are our top 4 reasons why your event needs lighting.

Light Up Your Theme- Utilize lighting to bring your theme to life! Whether you use subtle market lighting to add to the ambiance, or use uplighting and pin spots to kick your theme up a notch, lighting is key in making sure that your theme is not missed.

Highlight Your Sponsors- Your sponsors are a crucial component of your event, so make sure their support is recognized in a meaningful way. Using unique lighting like Gobos always is a hit because it lets the sponsors take the spotlight and adds a fun element of decor to the event.

Bring The WOW- It is no secret that lighting can completely transform your space. White walls can be disguised with some Tiffany Blue lighting (or any other color since they are completely customizable) and some patterned Gobos to really add to your wow factor.

Showcase The Fun- Lighting does not always have to be strictly elegant and conservative, it can also be festive and fun! Adding colorful lighting to the dance floor and the walls can immediately improve the mood and the atmosphere of the event and put your guests in a fun mood for the rest of the night.

We hope you enjoyed our top 4 reasons why your event needs lighting. If you have any questions, or would just like some free advice, contact us today! Here at J&M Events, we are proud to be your best event resource.

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