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Elements of a Successful Award Show

It is no secret that production events, like award shows, are no small feat. With their meticulous planning, intense preparation, and heavy man power it is no wonder that event companies and planners often are overwhelmed with the task. Fortunately, there are is a method to the madness, and here at J&M Events we are here to help!

1. Create a realistic budget and utilize it well- The best place to start is still at the beginning. Create a realistic budget for the event and make sure that 80% of the budget is not spent on one element of it. While Gobos really add pizazz to the event, it may be beneficial to spend that extra part of the budget on your entertainment if that is the most important part of your event.

2. Define or confirm the purpose of your event- Another way to look at this is to ask yourself, "What are the comments that you would like attendees to say about your event afterwards?" Create a list of your answers. Now look at all of your services and vendors and decide which of them will have the greatest impact to make those answers a reality. This will help you to create a priority list specifically for your event.

3. Atmosphere- This is the "secret ingredient" or the "X factor" that will take your event to the next level. If your guests arrive to the award show in a silent room and no one to direct them on what is expected of them, it can easily become an uncomfortable situation that leaves your guests feeling awkward. Think about having an MC/Host to entertain your guests or music planning when guests arrive to create the atmosphere that your event needs to reach its full potential.

4. Impact- The impact of the event is one of the most crucial components. Do you want to tap into your guests emotional side and have them leave feeling motivated? Adding a promotional and engaging video could be the option for you. What if you really want to WOW your guests? Then go all out with the LED screens, impeccable lighting, or fun decor that your guests will not soon forget.

5. Have a Plan B, C, and D- All the preparation in the world will not help you when someone else lets something fall through the cracks. Make sure for every important aspect of the night there is a Plan B, C, and D. Always have back up equipment, vendors, and staff. Unfortunately, events cannot always go perfect 100% of the time, but make sure you deliver a phenomenal event even through the unexpected.

Check out some images from our events!

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