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5 Tips On An Effective Business Meeting

There is no denying the benefit of having quarterly, or even monthly, meetings with your team. Not only is it an opportunity for your team to connect and management to discuss updates, it is also an opportunity to get feedback and make sure your company is growing in a healthy direction. Then why is it that business trainings and meetings often are met with dread and low employee attendance? Here at J&M Events, we are the ultimate resource for your next business meeting. Let us share with you some of our top tips to a successful business meeting.

#1 Decide if the topic is really worth the meeting- Your employees will not value your business meetings if the topics or agenda are something that could have been written in a simple e-mail. Show that you value your employee's time by being selective of what material is worth having a meeting to discuss.

#2 Start with something positive- Whether you start by recognizing employees who have gone above and beyond, surprise them with catering at your meeting, or focus on all of the accomplishments that have been possible because of their work, make an effort to start on a good note. Not only will this encourage employees to show up on time, but it will also start off the meeting on a positive note.

#3 Prepare, prepare, prepare- Nothing is worse than a meeting that goes on for hours because there was no preparation. Aside from preparing your topics and outline, prepare for employee questions and feedback. Have all of your content ready before hand, and make sure that you have all of the projectors, screens, microphones, and business materials that you need.

#4 Present professionally- Start on time. Make the space look nice. Have all of the equipment that you need ready by the time employees are walking in. Check that all of the technology works and that employees have all of the materials that they will need for the meeting. Make your employees proud to be a part of your team, and present the professionalism that you would like them to exhibit.

#5 Do not leave after you have completed your agenda- The meeting does not stop because you are done. Stick around after the presentation for employee feedback and questions. Take the time to thank them for attending and wrap up with something fun! Maybe Jeopardy style questions! And those who were paying attention will get a prize of their choice! *Make sure the prizes are something they value and want to work for.*

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