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Annual Borgnine Awards

J&M Entertainment had the honor of working with Nancee Borgnine for the Borgnine Movie Star Gala honoring the life of screen legend Ernest Borgnine. The Borgnine Movie Star Gala’s purpose was to present an award to someone chosen for sharing Ernest Borgnine’s spirit as an actor and humanitarian. The Borgnine Family chose Sean Penn for the premiere award! The night was a tribute and awards gala, the party was attended by a plethora of celebrities, including Loretta Swit, Lee Majors, and Piper Perabo.

Actors & Actresses who attended the gala include: Kevin Sorbo, Doris Roberts, Kenton Duty, Ashley Argota, Gage Golightly, Sean Penn, Harvey Lee Yeary Jr and more.

One memorable moment was during set up- we had just hooked up the TV to the DVD player and was testing Nancee’s DVD… Nancy began to tear up as she watched video of her father hand Jerry Lewis a sock full of pennies and receive his Academy Award. This was a woman who just loved her Daddy so much…. the event was not about preening for her; she genuinely wanted to celebrate her father’s spirit and encourage those who share it.

Special Thanks to Nancee Borgnine for entrusting us with this amazing tribute event for her father. Thank you Sportsmen’s Lodge for your amazing property. Also, thank you to our J&M Staff: Jorge Lopez the technical director, Chris Golden the event lighting designer, Adiel Herrera the sound & stage technician, and Pablo Gratas the event video camera operator and video editor.

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